Pirates and Ninjas!
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Hello, and welcome to nakama__ninjas! This is a cross-over role-playing game of the two fandoms One Piece and Naruto. You don’t need to know a lot about BOTH fandoms, as long as you have a good idea of the fandom you are planning on role-playing from. This rpg involves the interaction of characterss from both fandoms, in an alternate universe style.

As of now, there is no set plot, and no set timeline, but we’d like it if you didn’t zoom so far ahead that people behind become totally lost. This is a friendly non-elitist bastards group where everyone is welcome and encouraged to have fun, but stay active!

The RP will have three ways to be played:

1. LJ comments to LJ comments - You own a journal for each character you claim, and update it as if you were that person, and comment on the journals of other characters. You need to add everyone to your friends list, whether your character likes that person or not. Each week Raine or Pietro will make a community post to tell people who's new and needs to be added.

2. RP on AIM - You can role-play with a person or group of people over AIM/YIM/etc., and post your rp on the main com for everyone to read.

3. RP in the Community - You start a new rp thread in the main community (nakama__ninjas) and you can choose who replies, what fandom can reply, and/or if anyone can just jump in.

We do have some rules here, and we ask that you follow them diligently.

1. No elitists. Anyone who has a basic grasping of their character and fandom is welcome.
2. No character bashing. Every character is good, no matter if they have a giant nose or big eyebrows.
3. No homophobes/heterophobes. If you find a way to make Nami fall in love with Naruto, or Sanji to wed Iruka, as long as you can back it, go for it.
4. No spamming, please. If you're interested in becoming a sister community, please contact one of the mods, DO NOT post in the community about it.
5. No god-modding. You are not god, we are and henceforth cannot control any characters other than your own.
6. No more then two characters each. This not only allows for many people to join, but it helps keep the confusion in check, so that Sasuke doesn't suddenly feel the need to become the greatest swordsman in the world.
7. No moving someone else's character without permission. Again, you are not god, and cannot control any characters other than your own.
8. No killing a character without permission. What's the fun in killing things off? Then you're just left with your own character.
9. To show you have read all the rules, when you fill out a form to join, please post ‘Gomu Gomu No Jutsu’ as the subject line.

Please fill out this form and post it in the entry used for new sign ups. Up to two chars are allowed and we'd like you to fill a form out for both. You will know within a day or two if your in.

Mod 1: Raine: ghostkotsuzaka
Mod 2: Pietro: bamf_girl

IM us if you need us, or want to ask something. =3

Raine = kotsuzaka
Pietro = BamfGirl143

These characters have already been claimed, so don't bother with asking for them:

--+One Piece+--

Sanji - betterxcook
Usopp - lair_bu
Zoro - roronoa__zoro
Luffy - gomu_ningen


Kakashi - i_hate_kids

Link us! Copy and paste the coding into your journal, to spread the nakama__ninjas love!